Cosmetology and dermatology today follow a “minimally invasive path” to solving aesthetic and therapeutic problems. However, many procedures remain painful and require local anesthesia. One of the means used to reduce discomfort during beauty sessions or medical procedures is an anesthetic cream with lidocaine and prilocaine.

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What procedures may require a local anesthetic?

Cream with lidocaine and prilocaine can be used for hair removal (laser, wax, sugar, electric, etc.), and home hair removal, for example, using an electric epilator. Its use is relevant in several cosmetic procedures: mesotherapy, botulinum toxin injection, contouring, plasma therapy, and mid-peelings.
In dermatology, it can be used to remove moles, hemangiomas, and other neoplasms. The anesthetic is applied before treating trophic ulcers. In pediatrics, numbing cream can be applied before vaccinations, catheterization, tests requiring blood sampling, etc.

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Benefits of lidocaine and prilocaine cream for pain relief

Goosica Numbing is a cream based on lidocaine and prilocaine, used for local anesthesia of the skin and mucous membranes. Its advantages include the following:
• Due to the presence of two active substances (lidocaine and prilocaine) in the composition, there is a synergistic effect. It has been proven that such two-component anesthetics provide better pain relief than single-component anesthetics.
• The formula of the cream has been well studied and is approved for use in children from the first day of life.
• The drug is stable and can be stored at temperatures up to 30°C. It is known that anesthetics that have just been taken out of the refrigerator provide pain relief more slowly.
• Goosica Numbing cream does not contain preservatives, for example, sodium methyl parahydroxybenzoate, sodium propyl parahydroxybenzoate, phenoxyethanol, etc., which can provoke an allergic reaction.
• To penetrate intact skin and nerve cell membranes, the anesthetic must have a sufficiently high concentration of active substances and a large amount of water. Emulsions best meet these requirements. From the point of view of physical properties, Goosica Numbing is an “oil in water” emulsion. Each oil drop of the cream contains up to 80% anesthetics, and the total water concentration reaches 95%.
According to the instructions for use, Goosica Numbing cream must be applied approximately 60 minutes before the painful procedure. The drug is distributed on the skin in a thick layer and covered with cling film. The analgesic effect lasts up to 2 hours.

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