When using an anesthetic before cosmetic procedures, it is important to understand how long the local anesthesia lasts. If you do not take into account how long the anesthetic lasts, its use may be useless.

How long does the numbing cream last?

It depends on what anesthetic is included in its composition. For example, novocaine has a short duration of analgesic action, while lidocaine and prilocaine have an average duration. Tetracaine works longer, but with its use, there is a higher risk of developing an allergic reaction. The duration of the analgesic effect is also influenced by the concentration of anesthetics. However, the rule that the higher the better does not apply here. For example, for an emulsion of lidocaine and prilocaine, the optimal concentration is 5%.

Goosica Numbing: a product with an analgesic effect

Goosica Numbing is a drug for local anesthesia, which contains 12.5% prilocaine and 12.5% lidocaine. From the point of view of physical properties, Goosica Numbing can be considered an oil-in-water emulsion, where the concentration of anesthetics in each drop reaches 80%. This is due to the two-component composition, in which lidocaine and prilocaine, interacting with each other, provide a stronger anesthetic effect than single-component analogues. Thus, numbing cream with lidocaine and prilocaine has advantages for skin pain relief compared with creams and sprays containing only lidocaine.
The formula of the cream for external use has been well studied, which allows it to be used from the first day of life, for example, before catheterization, injections, removal of tumors, etc. The cream does not contain preservatives, which can cause an allergic reaction. The anesthetic can be stored at a temperature of 30°C, which is advantageous, since after storage in the refrigerator, the effect of the anesthetic drug takes longer to occur.

How long does the pain-relieving cream Goosica Numbing last?

Goosica Numbing cream must be applied to the skin 60 minutes before painful manipulation. The treated area is covered with cling film. After its removal, the anesthetic effect lasts up to 2 hours.
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