Body hair removal is a procedure that allows you to achieve perfectly smooth skin. But, despite the advent of new technologies, it remains quite unpleasant. Therefore, to eliminate pain, application anesthesia is often used when removing hair.

When is local anesthesia required for hair removal?

To get rid of body hair, different methods are used, but not all of them require topical anesthesia. For example, shaving and chemical hair removal usually go unnoticed, so there is no need to numb even the most delicate areas.
Pain relief for hair removal is usually required if one of the following methods is used:
– waxing (getting rid of unwanted hair using melted wax or wax strips);
– sugaring (removal of hairs along with the follicle using sugar paste);
– treating the skin with an epilator (a special gadget with different attachments).
Hair removal can also be carried out using laser radiation, electric current, and ultrasound. But these are procedures that are performed only in a beauty salon and cannot be performed at home.
The need to use an anesthetic cream depends on various factors: the treatment area (the most painful are the bikini area and deep bikini area above the upper lip, armpits, etc.), pain sensitivity threshold.

Local anesthesia for body hair removal

To reduce pain sensitivity during the epilation of the bikini and other areas, application anesthesia is usually used. It is based on the use of drugs that include anesthetics to reduce pain during the procedure. The use of general, regional, and infiltration anesthesia, as well as traditional methods of reducing pain sensitivity (ice compresses, etc.) during waxing, sugar, laser hair removal, and other methods of hair removal.
Goosica Numbing cream with prilocaine and lidocaine can be used for pain relief during hair removal of any area. Skin anesthesia when using this drug is achieved due to the penetration of active substances into the epidermis and dermis.
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The main advantage of the application method of pain relief is the minimal traumatic index. Topical anesthetics are less toxic than drugs that are used for injection.
Goosica Numbing cream contains amide anesthetics (lidocaine and prilocaine). Unlike ether anesthetics (novocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine), amide anesthetics very rarely cause allergic reactions. The cream does not contain preservatives. Application of the cream to intact skin for 60 minutes can reduce pain for 2 hours.
But to achieve high-quality anesthesia when treating the skin with an epilator, sugaring, waxing or laser hair removal, you must follow some rules:
– choose a drug that has a high concentration to overcome the epidermal barrier and contains a sufficient amount of moisture;
– maintain the application time recommended by the manufacturer;
– use an occlusive dressing, which creates a favorable environment for faster and deeper penetration of anesthetics into the skin.
To make hair removal easier, you can use the two-component cream Goosica Numbing, which is produced according to international GMP quality standards and created specifically for skin anesthesia.

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