Why not use anesthetic drugs during the tattoo process? Know this and avoid mistakes!

Complete Guide On Tattoo Numbing Cream

Once, a friend asked me to get a back tattoo.

Just afraid it’ll hurt too much and take too long.

Do you serve anesthetic there?”

I believe a lot of people who are getting tattoos,

I’m afraid of the pain of the tattoo process.

And began to play up the idea of “if you can’t, you will play anesthetic.”

However, today I want to say:

Tattoos do not use anesthetic!

The use of anesthetics for tattoos,

There are also certain side effects.

Also, not everyone can use anesthetic drugs.

And why they refuse to use anesthetic drugs.

Listen to the reasons why anesthetics should not be used.

First of all, in terms of the anesthetic itself,

The anesthetic used in tattoos is not injected liquid,

It’s a paste that you put on your skin.

Apply to the tattoo area before tattooing.

Wait 40-60 minutes.

Then, wipe the ointment clean before tattooing.

Under normal circumstances, anesthetic effects last about 3 hours.

Does applying anesthetic cream before tattooing affect the effect of tattooing?

The answer is yes!
The use of anesthetics stiffens the skin.
After the use of anesthetic drugs, because the cutaneous surface nerve is “paralyzed”,

The firmness of the skin changes,

The skin can’t be stretched flat,

It will bleed more easily.

Plus, the skin isn’t at its best,

Of course, it also affects the absorption of tattoo color.

The use of anesthetics can clog the pores on the surface of the skin.
The epidermis is no longer breathing normally.

This is one reason for a longer recovery cycle in the future.

PS: The sweat pores of the epidermis are open after the completion of normal tattooing.

Applying anesthetics can reduce skin elasticity,

The needle is having a hard time penetrating the epidermis,

It’s also easy to get dizzy when fogging,

And the use of anesthetics affects the restoration of the pattern,

Maintenance is more difficult, and healing is slower.

The most important point:

Whether the user is allergic to anesthetic drugs.

If the use of anesthetics causes a series of unnecessary troubles.

It’s kind of a bummer to think about.

Can’t we just get a simple tattoo?

If you don’t care about any of these four things.

The pain after the anesthetic,

What should I do?

Besides, the pain of the tattoo,

And a recovery itch? Have you thought about all this?

Today, some well-known tattoo shops and tattoo masters at home and abroad,

In general, the use of anesthetic drugs is not recommended or refused.

If you want the perfect tattoo,

Then narcotics are something you need to learn to get rid of.

Tattoos that rely on tattoo anesthetics,

In fact, it has lost more than half the meaning of the tattoo.

If I could, if I could face the pain,

To see if you really like tattoos,

It’s also a good idea,

Pain is one of the necessary factors to show the value of tattoos.

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