Today in cosmetology, there is a trend for pain relief. Specialists are interested in making the procedures comfortable for patients. An anesthetic cream can be used for this purpose.

For what procedures is anesthetic cream used?

Numbing cream can be used for anesthesia before the following procedures:
Goosica 79.9 Tattoo Numbing Cream 1
Goosica 79.9 Tattoo Numbing Cream
– Hair removal in the salon. Despite the emergence of hardware methods of hair removal, waxing and sugaring are still relevant. With them, the hairs are pulled out along with the hair follicles, which is quite painful.
– Depilation at home with an electric epilator. No matter how hard epilator manufacturers try to come up with attachments that reduce discomfort during hair pulling, none of them can make depilation painless.
– Laser procedures. Laser hair removal is rightfully considered the most popular. Although it does not take much time, laser exposure to delicate areas (bikini, armpits) can be quite painful. Laser technologies are also used in figure correction and rejuvenation.
– Injection procedures. Mesotherapy, botulinum therapy, placement of mesothreads, biorevitalization are popular procedures that involve puncturing the skin.
– Treatment of trophic ulcers. Long-term non-healing wounds require regular cleaning. This process is unpleasant, so it is better to first numb the ulcer with a local anesthetic.
You can also use topical anesthesia before injections of medications or blood sampling.

Anesthetic cream with lidocaine and prilocaine: benefits

Goosica Numbing is a cream with an anesthetic effect for local use, which can be used before painful procedures in dermatology, cosmetology, pediatrics, etc. The composition of the drug for local anesthesia includes 8.5% prilocaine and 8.5% lidocaine. They have a synergistic effect. Two-component products have been shown to provide better pain relief than single-component products.
How to Apply Numbing Cream
The formula of the anesthetic drug has been well studied; it contains no preservatives that can provoke an allergic reaction. In addition, it is approved for use from the first day of life.
Goosica Numbing can be stored at 30°C. This is a plus because chilled painkillers from the refrigerator begin to provide pain relief more slowly.

How to use numbing cream?

Goosica Numbing should be applied in a thick layer, completely covering the skin pattern. Place cling film over the treated area. This will help the active substances be better absorbed. The cream should be applied approximately 60 minutes before a session with a cosmetologist, dermatologist or other specialist.
Remember that every medicine has contraindications. Before applying the drug to the skin, read the instructions for use. The anesthetic effect lasts up to 2 hours.

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