Understanding the duration of local anesthesia is crucial for effective use in cosmetic procedures. Overlooking its duration may render its application ineffective.

How Long Does Numbing Cream Last?

The duration depends on the anesthetic included. Novocaine offers short-term relief, while lidocaine and prilocaine provide medium-duration relief. Tetracaine lasts longer but carries a higher risk of allergic reactions. Optimal concentration is key; for example, a 5% concentration is ideal for lidocaine and prilocaine emulsions.

Goosica Numbing: Effective Pain Relief

Goosica Numbing, containing 2.5% prilocaine and 2.5% lidocaine, boasts an oil-in-water emulsion with an 80% concentration of anesthetics per drop. This two-component composition ensures superior pain relief compared to single-component alternatives. It’s suitable for all ages and procedures, with no preservatives to trigger allergies. Stored at room temperature, it offers quicker efficacy compared to refrigerated alternatives.

How Long to Apply Goosica Numbing?

Apply Goosica Numbing cream 60 minutes before the procedure and cover the area with cling film. Its analgesic effect lasts up to 2 hours, providing ample relief during cosmetic procedures.

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