After the lockdown was lifted, people were eager to book their tattoos, and their long-backlogged artistic ideas finally had a chance to come to fruition. Whether you’re getting a tattoo to show off for the summer or getting ready to try your first tattoo, choosing the best location is crucial.


The popularity of tattoos continues to rise, according to the latest U.S. survey data. More and more people are beginning to think about tattoo design and location selection. In this blog, we will give you some ideas about where you can place your tattoo and the importance of location choice. Don’t worry for the faint of heart! We will also discuss some of the most painful areas.


As the number of people getting tattoos increases, so do the creative placements and designs of tattoos. Even the most conservative people are getting tattoos these days, which means small tattoos in cute locations are becoming more and more popular. Smaller tattoos give people more options for placement, such as behind the ear, between fingers, or even on the back of the lip! These ideas mean people who are wary of tattoos can try out a personalized look without looking too bold, not to mention you can easily cover up small tattoos.


Celebrity tattoo placements also provide us with some inspiration. For example, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott chose miniature tattoos of butterflies to symbolize their love. Halsey got a tattoo of her upcoming baby, which was placed so well that it covered up the scars from her previous endometriosis surgeries. Bella Hadid recently got two small thin line tattoos below her shoulders as a symbol of her love for her Arabic heritage. Hailey Bieber got husband Justin Bieber’s initials tattooed on her wedding ring finger, which is a great place to express your love. As for Selena Gomez, she got a detailed tattoo behind her ear to celebrate the release of her latest album.


In addition, there are some fancy tattoo location ideas, such as behind or inside the ear, behind the lips, under the feet, etc. Tattoos in these locations can be done beautifully, and if you have long hair, you can also cover them up. But be aware that these locations can be very painful at times, and if you can’t stand the pain, you might consider using a tattoo numbing cream for a better experience.


Finally, some popular but good-looking tattoo locations include on the bicep, under the sternum, on the side of the ribs, and the back. Tattoos in these locations are fashionable and can be displayed or covered up as desired.


Overall, getting a tattoo is a big decision that you should be prepared for and most importantly excited about! If you feel your tattoo experience is being affected by anxiety about pain, we recommend using a tattoo numbing cream.


Summary: When it comes to selecting tattoo placement, considering both aesthetics and comfort is equally important. With the increasing popularity of tattoo culture, people are paying more attention to both design and placement choices. From celebrity tattoo inspirations to quirky placement ideas, choosing the right spot can showcase personality while also considering the level of pain. Ultimately, getting a tattoo is a significant decision, so being prepared and enjoying the process is crucial.

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